2012 was my very first burn. I’ve been wanting to go to Burning Man for years but the timing/finances weren’t right. Last year that changed.

In all my preparation research I learned about the gifting. I wanted to participate but since I was coming down alone I didn’t really know what kind of gifting I should do. Originally I was going to give small prints of my photographs but decided I didn’t want to risk being a cause of unnecessary MOOP (Matter Out Of Place for those of you who aren’t YET burners). So I hatched a plan to build a cart and take peoples photos on the playa, then edit them, upload them and gift them back to everyone later when we’re all back home, wishing we were still in the desert. Well if you’re reading this, and we met on the playa, your photo(s) are here.

The cart (towed behind my bike) serves as a way to transport my gear (and water) around the playa with me. Last year it was red and kind of Carnival-esq looking. This year I’ve given it a makeover and it matches the theme of this years burn, “Cargo Cult”. It’s painted silver and army green to look like a military cargo crate, but one that was perhaps dropped by aliens. While reading about the primitive tribes that used to build alters to the “cargo gods” it occurred to me that these same tribes could have been some of the same people that used to believe that having ones photo taken stole a piece of your soul. So I’ve incorporated that into my cart as well. 2013’s burn is here and I’m back, ready to steal your soul and give it back to you in a portrait if you’ll let me.

I’ll also be wandering with my camera (and media pass) sometimes without my cart. If I asked and took your photo during these outings they will be found here under the Candid Playa Portraits section, just use the filter option on the homepage grid to see them.

I hope to see you all on the playa this year and if I do, check here around October-ish for your gift. Until then, enjoy my shots from 2012. 🙂

Much Love



When you find your photo click the photo to view your set. (these take a bit to load because the image files are larger, be patient). On the left will be instructions. You will need a download code to gain access to and download your photo set. I did this because I feel these photos are for you (and me) and not for everyone to download. If you want to share them after you download them you’re free to do so. To receive your password just send me an email, tell me which photo set number is you and what name I can put on your photo (playa name or first name instead of the dumb number). I’ll send you back your password. Please note that most photo sets are set to a maximum of two downloads unless it’s a group shot which are set to the number of people in the group. That said, please save your files after you download them. Each photo set has a unique code and it WILL NOT work on other people’s photo sets/downloads.