2014 Cart Upgrades – Details and Thank You List

Hello friends,

This year I’m hoping to upgrade the lighting/flash system on the cart as the AA battery powered flashes suck back so many Duracells that I figured there had to be a better way. In looking into and finding a solution to that I also found a solution to my second problem which was keeping the flimsy light stands I have for the cart from blowing in the wind. I found some heavy duty C-stands with boom arms and removable legs. Meaning I take the legs off, mount the stands to the cart and use the booms to get the reach I need. Way more rigid against the wind and minimal movement.

Lastly I came across some 600 watt LED strobes that would increase the quality of light ten fold, allowing me to battle the sun even better for the look I’m going for in the portraits. These are VERY reasonably priced and I’ve already grilled my camera store guy about their reliability and resistance to the dust. Being in enclosed housings and no fan to suck in the dust, these would work great.

So sturdier stands, smoother, cleaner power and lights that kick ass. I’ve started an IndieGoGo campaign to help with the costs and will do as many upgrades as the final funding and my own personal budget allow. If you can, please consider helping a guy bring my rickety cart back to the playa so I can take another 300-500 shots of at least 100 more burners.

Thanks so much for being a part of this and I hope to see you all in the dust this year.

My Photo Cart 2014


Everyone listed below has my utmost gratitude and thanks. The initial photo cart started as cheap way to gift my photography to people. Literally built out of scrap wood and a rusty old bike trailer I found in the classifieds for next to nothing (for the frame and wheels). I amputated two good (yet cheap) light stands to use in the pockets of the cart and bungee’d them together. They served me well but as everything in photography they offered a learning experience and the ways to move forward and make things better appeared. If these upgrades happen the lighting portion of the cart will be a dream and I truthfully can’t wait to get out and shoot with so many more burners.

The list of HUGE THANKS

And of course, The League of Extraordinary Albertans who encouraged me to apply for an art grant and then stepped up and made up the difference. This was an amazing gesture and totally made all the difference in the final outcome.

I thank everyone who stepped up, with your help I was able to take over 620 shots at Burning Man and another 250 during the Beakerhead event The League recently hosted here in Calgary.

Thank you all,