This Gift, inspired THIS gift (taking the portraits into the real world)

As I get excited for the 2014 burn (even though I have yet to get a ticket so please keep me in your thoughts) I want to share with all of you something that I need your help with. In 2015 I will be 100% out of debt and I intend to do another long amazing road trip for my photography. While evaluating how my last two went I realized that I did somewhat miss more human interaction. Then I started thinking of a project I could do along with my normal photography. Surprisingly this idea didn’t come as easy as one would think but when the lightbulb finally went off it was obvious. Take the gift of photography on the road.

The details took awhile to work out as I didn’t want to just give photos away to anyone who asked but once I realized who this new project is for it became easy. The hard part was putting it all together.

As I write this it’s currently in it’s infant stages, website freshly launched with one photography session booked. I need all your help to spread the word in hopes that once I’m on the road traveling, it will go viral and I can give photos for years to come. Don’t worry, I still plan on being at Burning Man with my camera as well.

To see the project that was inspired by all of you please visit and spread the word.

Much Love,