Burning Man 2015

2015 and 2016

Just a little update in case anyone is curious. I attended the burn in 2015 and brought along the cart etc but somewhere along the line I forgot one of my bins containing some of my lighting in my storage locker in Fallon. This was fixed when a fellow camp member had to head into Fernley and we were able to pick it up. Then the dust happened. Every time I wanted to go out it was just a little too dusty. As well, I had other photo related things happening. Even though the cart didn’t make an appearance I was still able to gift an engagement shoot and also a wedding on Sunday. It was still a great burn all around.

That said, as it stands right now I won’t be making it to the burn this year. As much as I seriously do want to go I have other things that the money will be better spent on. In April I will be leaving my full-time day job of 4+ years to venture out and pursue my photography full time which includes trying to gain some traction for FotosForward as well as a few other personal projects I have. I’ve been saving and preparing for years and the time has come. Add to that the rapid decline of the value of the Canadian dollar and it looks like I’ll be spending my time in Canada this year.

If you’re curious to see where I’m at after April 1st, you can follow along with my adventures at Wayne On The Road .com.

I hope to maybe see you all in 2017, Burn bright my friends,


Taking This Idea Into the Real World

After all the love and appreciation for the photos I gift to you guys I am trying to take this into the real world. I’ve done all the work, graphic design, website, cards, social media, press releases and more and launched Fotos Forward

If started locally to lukewarm reception but I know there are people out there I can create great memories for. I just have to get out there and find them. I’m currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise gas money to get this project generating some interest and create photos for people.  I need your help to make it happen. My social network just isn’t big enough yet and with out people supporting/sharing it it just won’t happen. I can only do so much with my minimal personal funds but could do so much more with a little extra.

Isn’t our culture about making a bigger difference? Let’s do this!

Thank you and I hope to see you all in a few months!